Monday, May 26, 2008

Drat, and an intriguing deal for this week

CVS only had two 2-liters of Sierra Mist left, so I didn't get to get all 8 like I'd planned. Still, free soda is free soda.

This week looks interesting. I'm planning to try:

Playskool Diapers (never tried 'em, worth a shot), spend $20, get $5 ECBs

Two transactions (to maximize coupon usage), each one should be:

$10.99 / pack of diapers
$1.99 / Excedrin Migraine
$2.10 filler (probably the $1 Pepsi 2-liters)
Cost: $15

* $5 off $15 coupon (see earlier CVS posts for directions)
* $3 off $10 CVS Brand Purchase (get it from the scanner on each visit; I've been told this can still be combined with the $5 / $15)
* $2 off diapers here
* $2 off Excedrin here
* I'll get $5 ECBs when I've done this transaction twice, so I count $2.50 in ECBs for this transaction.

Net cost for diapers, Excedrin, and two 2-liters: $.50

We'll see if it works!

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