Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The joys of city living

There is no doubt that city living brings it's share of problems, and I've been it's worst critic at times.

I hate that my boys don't have a big plush green yard to run into whenever they want. I'd kill for a garage, and lots of closets and storage. My car gets broken into if I leave anything visible, and sometimes even if I don't. My neighbors drop trash on the street, on the sidewalk, in our yard; there is drinking and cursing and crappy behavior all around us. Sometimes truly reprehensible behavior - shootings and beatings and drugs.

The other side of the coin is lovely, though, and bears note.

Last night we were bbq'ing some burgers and called our neighbors to see if they wanted in. They picked up some extra food and came over; we all hung out in the backyard until 10, Nate running around and enjoying the company. Our other neighbors (David & David) often drop by with a treat they baked, and always have us over for Easter and other fabulous dinner parties.

Today I put Jack in the stroller and walked Nate 3 blocks to the coop preschool he goes to on Tuesdays and that he'll go to full-time starting in September. Then I walked Jack six blocks to the post office and mailed some eBay international packages. Then 4 blocks to CVS where I semi-rocked a diaper deal (more on that in a few days). Loaded everything into the stroller and walked 5 blocks home. Dropped everything off, walked 4 blocks to the grocery store, and got some great deals on our favorite soup. Lastly, walked the 2 blocks back to the preschool, picked up Nate, and we strolled home.

After lunch we hung out in our teeny backyard and had fun. Sometimes we walk the two blocks to the playground or get together with our friends Carol (the Mom) and Sophia (the daughter, and the love of Nate's life).

We really are so lucky.

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