Thursday, May 15, 2008

Selling Out

Did you notice that I've enabled Google AdSense on this blog? Yep, I'm selling out. I am very pro-selling-out in theory, and I've decided to put it into practice.

I have two sons. Two sons who have the potential to be fairly athletic. Nate already is. Being frank, the odds are against either of my Jewish sons being professional athletes is inordinately small. That said? If either of them turn out to fabulous at some sport, and some professional league comes calling and wants to pay them millions of dollars to kick or throw or catch a ball, they're SIGNING. If they have to leave college early? They're signing. If they have to skip college altogether? They're signing. Hell, if they want to recruit my kids out of junior high, bring it on.

They can always go back to college, or high school, or grade school, or whatever. They can't always get a chance to earn millions of dollars doing something inane like jumping really high or wrestling someone else to the ground.

I'm just saying.

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