Saturday, June 7, 2008

The (meal) week in review

Decided it might make more sense to talk about my weekly meal plan after the week is up, so I can include photos and comments about what I chose.

This past week, I only ended up doing two recipes - we ate each for two nights. I always double-up my recipes and freeze half if it's freezable or eat it for two (or three) nights if it won't freeze well. Friday night we just picked out of the fridge for dinner and weekends we tend to be going in opposite directions. For example, Stewart's photographing a wedding tonight, so he'll eat there. I'll just eat a Lean Cuisine Panini or a can of soup.


Monday and Wednesday we had Summer Rolls. I decided to practice a bit of frugality and omit the shrimp - I doubled up on the avocado and used a bit of fake crab in half. Next time I'll skip the protein altogether - it was great with just avocado and cilantro.

Tuesday and Thursday we had Roasted Corn, Black Bean, and Mango Salad. Oh my goodness this was good. Got lucky finding really nice ripe mangoes at the store. I'm not sure how much the dish benefitted from the roasting of the corn kernels; I might try skipping that step next time to save some time. I used half frozen corn kernels and half fresh. Truly delicious. Nate at bowl after bowl after bowl. I just can't explain how good I feel when I see him stuff healthy food down his throat!

(Emily - are you out there? I think you would love this recipe!)


emilyb30 said...

If you mean Emily Blum--I'm so here and I'll try the recipe--thanks! By the way, love the blogs and your cute, cute boys. Hope you are surviving the heat!! XO--Emily

emily said...

The salad looks delicious. I'm not sure I can fit it in this week, but will definitely try it soon!