Saturday, January 3, 2009

CVS bought my holiday gifts!

In addition to giving me most of the supplies for my Oreo Truffles, CVS also gave me 10 wonderful holiday gifts to give away:

I donate most of the freebies I get to Bread for the City, but I don't donate makeup or housewares since most clients are homeless. I also keep back some very expensive things, like $10 razors and such. I paid $1 for each red reusable bag from Target - I thought it gave it a holiday feel. Then I took a lot of the goodies I've collected this year and divvied them out.

I gave these out to people I thought might appreciate some "luxury" stuff - our favorite cashiers at the grocery store, two of the women who work at Bread for the City, a few homeless friends we see each day, and the mailman (for his wife). Love spreading the CVS joy!

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